CompanySaigon Depot JSC.
Date of Establishment9/6/2015
Authorized capitalVND
Head OfficeNo.9 Nguyen Van Tao Street, Long Thoi Ward, Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone(+84) 837 819 031
Fax(+84) 837 819 028
Range of businessWarehouse for lease
BankHDBank – Phu My Hung branch




To be the trusted warehousing brand with quality infrastructure and service in order to assist the large-scale logistic enterprises with effectively applying the latest logistic technologies.

To provide the large-scale logistic enterprises with warehousing service for storage and safe-keeping of commodities.








Regarded as “The man looks for perfection”, an exemplary engineer & businessman of Long An province, Mr Doan Hong Dung has left his hallmarks on the establishments and successes of a chain of industrial real-estate projects where he worked as the role of General Director or High-Consultant. Until 1995, he has contributed to the establishments, developments and successes of a chain of industrial park projects in HCM City and Long An province:

– 1997: ECO Factory – 1.5 ha, located in Le Minh Xuan Industrial Zone, Ho Chi Minh City, for rent to 15 different enterprises.

– 2012: Kizuna 1 Rental Serviced Factory – 2.5 ha, was built in Tan Kim Industrial Park of Long An Province. It has attracted over 32 foreign investors from Japan, Korea, Australia, etc.

– 2015: Kizuna 2 Rental Serviced Factory – 4.2 ha, set up in Tan Kim Industrial Park, Long An Province, providing manufacturing space for 60 investors from Japan and Korea, as well as several European countries.

Continuing this success in the industrial real estate field, Mr. Doan Hong Dung initiated the Unidepot project. This is a warehouse solution project with the purpose of providing ready-built warehouses to logistics companies, specialty goods providers, and e-commerce businesses, etc., as storage, preservation and order fulfillment warehouses before being distributed into the market for consumption with a safety, efficiency environment and sustainable development.

“Given our extensive experience and a clear vision to provide modern ready-built storage infrastructure, Unidepot is committed to provide investors with a safe, efficient environment and opportunity for sustainable development for goods storage, preservation and order fulfillment.”

Chairman of the Board – Unidepot Founder



Unidepot is a new warehouse center that was founded on June 9th, 2015 to offer services for the rental storage segment in Vietnam. The purpose of this project is providing ready-built warehouses to logistic companies, specialty-goods providers, and e-commerce businesses, etc., where products can be stored, protected and fulfilled before being distributed into the market.


    • Easy and fast access to the nearest distribution markets through the multi-modal transportation systems (inland routes, waterways, airways) with a favorable geographical location, which is only 15 km from Ho Chi Minh City Center and 4 km from Hiep Phuoc Seaport.
    • Reasonable costs resulting from the optimized space-saving design: 1.4 m in height, foundation load of 5 tons/m2, and roof edge height of 12.5 m, the best conditions for the investors to use VNA equipment.
    • Operational costs savings with a system in which mutual resources are designed, managed and utilized for the whole area. The resources being used mutually ensure risk-free operations.
    • Safe warehouses with an up-to-standard firefighting system and highly fire resistant materials.
    • Assurance with a closed barrier security system, surveillance cameras, and 24/7 security guards with the capability to respond to incidents with a consistently designed and operated procedure, both inside and outside the warehouses.
    • Ensuring that the goods are always stored in a clean, dry, well-ventilated, and safe location that is convenient for handling goods and problem solving, as the floor height is up to 4.0 m higher than the national standard level.
    • Stable business development as the site lies within the planned industrial area, permitting additional constructions with full legal rights.
    • Long-term operations with unlimited, long-term lease contracts.